Culture & Entertainment

If you are still holding your pen and paper making a list on the things to do in Zagreb, then start writing now as here are some tips to help you wrap up that list.

The museums in the city are plenty with lots of interesting and rare collections, so if you are fund of artifacts and are eager to learn more about the culture and history, not just of the city, but as well as the whole country, then museums in Zagreb should be on your list. If you are an architecture fan, visiting the various architecture in Zagreb would have to be on that list you are making, too.

For those traveling with their little ones, Zagreb for kids will delight you with places and activities that both parents and children will enjoy. Another idea for those thinking about what to do in the city is to check their calendars and see if the tour to the capital of Croatia coincides a particular festival. Zagreb festivals are truly worth seeing!

The food and nightlife in the city are both great. So going to Zagreb restaurants or checking out Zagreb nightlife will be a delightful experience. For active tourists, sports in Zagreb are worth catching, while those who want to stay fit can check out the options for fitness in Zagreb.

For alternative entertainment at night, the theaters in Zagreb as well as the music in Zagreb promise a unique and unforgettable experience.

There’s just so much one can do in Zagreb that having a list may not just be enough when in the city already.