Architecture fans will not be disappointed to visit Zagreb. The capital of Croatia, through its long history, features many architectural structures that will fascinate its visitors.

One of these structures is the Zagreb Cathedral which is considered to be the most eloquent Neogothic and most monumental architectural work in the southeast part of the Alps. The St. Francis Church with its harmony and simplicity from the early Gothic Franciscan churches will also impress architecture buffs.

Built using the principles of the Romanesque architecture, the St. Mark’s Church is also one of the interesting architectural structures in Zagreb. The church’s south portal is known to be the most eloquent sculptural work in that specific part of Europe. Another church known in the city for its marvelous architecture is the St. Blasius Church which is one of the most important sacral structures of modern Croatia.

The Croatian National Theater is another architecture in Zagreb that’s hard to miss. With a neobaroque style, the structure is among the first projects of Architectural Atelier Fellner and Helmer. It is among the representative theaters constructed with historical styles around Eastern and Central Europe.

Not to be overlooked, the State features a unique ornamentation and architecture that make it among the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau architecture in the country. Dating back in 1867, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts on the other hand was built through the initiative of Bishop Strossmayer. The Italian-Renaissance structure is being maintained with the use of high-technology.

For European style architecture, the Croatian State Archives should be visited. Combining the elements of the 20th century, the building is situated in a park. It is known to hold a great number of very important documents in the city. It was initially destined as a university library, and later on, between two world wars, it was reestablished and renamed as an independent institution for the state’s archives.

For towering architecture, the Cibona Tower would be an interesting structure to visit. Third among the tallest buildings in the country, the tower stands at 92meters tall and features 25 levels. It is a cylinder skyscraper with a diameter of 25 meters. The building’s façade is made of dark steel, black granite, and reflective glass. This tower is very strong it can withstand an earthquake as strong as 7° in the Richter scale and an impact a small airplane may bring.

The architecture in Zagreb simply adds beauty and character to the city. These Zagreb attractions just show the creativity and ingenuity of the city’s architects.