All year round various events and festivals are being hosted by Zagreb – although summer is usually the time when the city comes to life. Around the center of the city, different outdoor shows take place; most, if not all of these are family-friendly, so everyone can enjoy it. Majority of these events are being offered for free, thus, even those who are in the city on a budget can take advantage of these offerings.

The following are a few of the festivals to look forward to when in Zagreb:


Happening every summer, Strossmarte is a summer-long series featuring different outdoor events, such as free films, concerts, dog shows, and more! It is run by people who are also behind Cest is d’Best (happening early June), which is a popular event celebrating street entertainment.

Dance Week Festival

The Dance Week Festival takes place late May. The event showcases some of the city’s best choreographers and their new home, the Zagreb Centre for Dance. Although most of the festival’s activities take place in Croatian Institute for Motion & Dance, some of the activities are also being held outside the city.


An event perfect for film lovers, Animafest is a celebration for some of the city’s short, animated films. It takes place in cinemas across Zagreb, early June.

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival

The Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival takes is being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, every February 25-26. It is a two-day event featuring over 500 wines from across the country. Here, tourists can meet and greet with wine creators as well as get a taste of some of their creations.

Zagreb International Folklore Festival

The city’s International Folklore Festival is an annual presentation of all of Croatia’s folklore groups. It features different music concerts as well as performances from these groups, with exhibitions on or off the screen. The event usually takes place in two main areas in Zagreb, in the Josip Jelacic Square and in the Upper Town.

Zagreb World Theatre Festival

Attracting many theatre lovers in and out of Croatia, the Zagreb World Theatre Festival, which happens in September, aims to promote experimental and innovative theatre performances. Actors, performers, and other masters in terms of theatre productions all gather in the city to enthrall its audience and give them something new in the field.

Queer Zagreb FM Festival

The Queer Zagreb FM Festival takes place in September. Unlike ‘normal’ festivals, this festival does not adhere to any norms or standards in terms of celebration; instead, the festival tries to reinvent itself yearly when it comes to theatre, dance, and art presentations. It is considered to be one of the biggest and one-of-a-kind festivals in the Eastern and Central Europe.

These are just a few of the festivals to look forward to when in Zagreb.