Zagreb for Free

Traveling is generally expensive; however, doing a little research will lead you to several things you can enjoy in your destination for free. In Zagreb, these things are not few, so get yourself ready for some free fun in the capital of Croatia.


If you do not have the budget to sign up for tour services in Zagreb, do not worry as many of the main attractions in the city are located at close distance that you do not need to travel anymore! Whether you are in the upper or the lower town, the monuments, museums, parks, and architectural structures found in these areas are actually in proximity to one another, you can travel them on foot.

Walking around these areas and doing some sightseeing will already give you a glimpse of Zagreb’s beauty without having to spend. – Just be sure to wear a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothes!


Many festivals held in Zagreb do not have admission fees, especially if you are in the city on a summer where several outdoor events and activities are given for everyone to enjoy. Aside from being free, festivals in Zagreb are also the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with the locals.

With little know-how, tourists will find that there are still many things they can enjoy in Zagreb for free, so staying in a budget is really possible.