Museums in Zagreb will add spice to your travel in the city; they feature rare collections while giving you better insight about the capital of Croatia’s culture and history. Below are few of the museums that you must visit in Zagreb:

Ethnographic Museum
Donji Grad (Lower Town)

Although one of the city’s most underrated museums, the Ethnographic Museum showcases a wide collection of agricultural artifacts from all over Croatia. It also has a wide array of tunics and traditional aprons that will also fascinate you. Most of the collection pieces were acquired between the 19th and 20th centuries, each giving visitors a glimpse of the way people lived and worked in Croatia.

Mimara Museum
Donji Grad (Lower Town)

The neo-Renaissance building located in the western side of the city center was a donation of Croatian artist, Mimara. Over 3700 art pieces can be found in this museum, dominated mostly of painting collections from Spanish, Dutch, and Italian artists. On its ground floor, textiles, glass, and Asian art are also showcased. Because the captions of the art pieces are in Croatian only, it would be good to visit the museum with a guide who speaks and reads Croatian.

Museum of the City of Zagreb

The Museum of the City of Zagreb presents a documentation of the city’s development through the years. It includes display of religious objects, weaponry, ethnic costumes, photos, and furniture from various periods in the city. After exploring its collections, you can easily grab a bite at Stara Vura, a nice restaurant on the museum’s premise.

Other museums that you can pay a visit to are the Croatian History Museum at Donji Grad, the Klovicevi Dvori Gallery at Gradec, the Museum of Arts and Craft at the Donji Grad, and Zagreb Archaeological Museum still at the Donji Grad.

Archaeological Museum of Zagreb
19 Nikola Subic Zrinski Square
Box 13

There are five main collections in the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb, mostly focusing on Croatia. Most of these approximately 400,000 pieces are found all throughout Zagreb. Among the exhibitions in the museum are Egyptian mummies, Greek vases, and an extensive collection of coins from the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, and Celtics.

Croatian Museum of Naïve Art
Sv. Cirila i Metoda 3, Gornji grad

This museum features a vast collection of art works from known artists like, Smaljic, Mirko Virius, Mraz, and Ivan Generalic. Those who are not familiar with the Croatian naïve art will find the displays in the museum quite unique and interesting.

This museum is housed in a structure with a 19th century neo-baroque style. It opened in 1994 with collections dating from 1952.

Museums in Zagreb are interesting to add in your itinerary. They not only give you a learning-filled experience, they are also a perfect opportunity to get a good look of Zagreb’s history and culture.