Zagreb nightlife is something that you should not miss when in the capital of Croatia. A relatively new tourist destination, the city’s nightlife has a sense of vigor that will keep you alive throughout the night.

Winters in Zagreb pave way for indoor activities, thus, expect lesser or no street parties at all. The clubs and bars may still be plenty but the choice for nightlife spot may quite be limited due to the cold temperature.

Summer is the perfect time to be in the city to experience its nightlife at its best. Here, the Mediterranean spirit fills the city’s atmosphere. Various parts of Zagreb’s streets and some parts of the town are surrounded by cafés and crowded with guests – locals and tourists alike – looking for fun and enjoyment.

Those who want to try their luck in the city can also check out the casinos in some of the city’s notable hotels. For those who are simply looking for a cozy place for a good chat, there are also plenty of coffee houses and cafés in Zagreb. For party animals, Zagreb also boasts of numerous clubs and pubs that are quite popular among yuppies.

How ever you want to spend your nights in Zagreb, there is one that would fit your preference.