Being the capital of Croatia, expect to get restaurants in Zagreb serving various cuisines. Although this may disappoint some, especially those who are looking for authentic Zagreb delicacies, these different menu only adds to the character of the city. From budget to high-end dining establishments, Zagreb restaurants will not disappoint you.

Among the restaurants to give you an amazing gastronomic experience in the city are the following:

Mlinovi 28, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 467 41 12, +385 1 476 71 13

Okrugljak specialises in Continental and Croatian cuisines. It is the main stop for those up for a fine dining experience in Zagreb as it treats you with the best traditional dishes served with the best wines. This century-old restaurant features an immaculate atmosphere that would make diners feel really special.

Ilica 72, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 249 86 30

If you are on a diet, this restaurant will be your best option in Zagreb. Serving Macrobiotic food, you are assured to get something that’s just light on your tummy while removing toxins in your system. The strictly-vegetarian delicacies are perfect for health-conscious diners.

Jurjevska 71, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 467 71 11

Marcellino is a favorite among personalities and dignitaries visiting Zagreb. It is a high-end restaurant that serves nothing but the best of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Its interiors are perfectly designed to give it a luxurious atmosphere.

Ivica I Marica
Tkalčićeva 70, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 482 89 99, +385 95 482 89 99

The restaurant, when translated in English, is known as Hansel and Gretel. Its concept is all about healthy eating rather than snacking. Its dishes are mostly Continental and Croatian cuisines are made from wholegrain and wholemeal devoid from additives, preservatives, and artificial flavoring. Aside from its name, the restaurant’s interior will also attract children as it is very colorful.

Jurjevska 71
01 46 77 444

For culinary treats that are definitely a stand out whilst not emptying your pockets, Hugo is the best place to be. Featuring delicacies of Mario Čerhak (the chef-owner of Marcelino), the restaurant offers a sample of the chef’s inventive and delicate touch at a price affordable to all. Among the favorites in the restaurant are the sea bass in Istrian, scampi in curry sauce, and the Meneghetti olive oil.

Teslina 17
01 48 72 159

This fish restaurant is considered by many locals to be as traditional as it gets being erected long before many of the trendy bars and restaurants in Zagreb were even set up. It features a kitchen that’s of top quality in terms of seafood standards. Among its specialties is the baked octopus with potatoes.

Eating will never be a problem in Zagreb. Not only do its restaurants serve sumptuous delicacies, most of them also care for your health so you wouldn’t feel bad having a lot.