Shopping in Zagreb is a wide and varied experience – from the high-end European brands to souvenirs and gift markets. The main shopping attraction though in the capital of Croatia is the Dolac Market located at the city’s main square, the Ban Jelacica Square.

Held every Fridays and Saturdays, the Dolac Market is the place to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and other produce in Zagreb. It is also the oldest open air market in the city and one of the best in Europe. Dolac Market has three levels: the lower lever is where one can buy olives, herbs, meat, and cheese; the upper level is for those looking for vegetables, fruits, textiles, and plants; its outer space is allotted for cheese products and fish vendors.

Other shopping stops in the city include:

Gajeva 1, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 488 15 55

Still located at the main square, Algoritam sells a wide variety of magazines, books, as well as multimedia articles. Although most books are of Croatian language, there is still a few number in English.

Kaptol 13, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 481 46 00

Selling neckties, Croata is a specialized shop with branches all over the country. The shop’s name is said to be from the word “cravat” (the father of all necktie) and from the Croatian word, “Croat”. With a wide range of neckties of different patterns, colors, and prices, the shop is perfect for those who love the accessory.

Antique Market
British Square (Britanski trg), Zagreb 10000, Croatia

The Antique Market is open every Sunday. During this time, many antique buyers and dealers from all over the country, come to the shop to do business. Whether you are looking for coins, relics from the World War, chandeliers, and furniture items, the shop has got everything for you antique lovers.

Gharani Štrok
Dezmanov Prolaz 5, Zagreb, Croatia
 +385 1 484 61 52

The high-end boutique is a haven for fashionistas in the city. It sells a wide range of branded designs, especially for women. If you are someone who loves to dress up, this is the perfect shop for you.