Zagreb for Kids

Zagreb is not just for couples and adults. For families traveling with kids, the city also offers a number of sights and attractions that your little one can enjoy and learn from. Among them are the following:


The capital of Croatia features plenty of museums that kids and adults alike will be fascinated in. Some of the child-friendly museums in Zagreb are the Archaeological Museum, the Croatian History Museum, the Croatian National History Museum, the Croatian School Museum, Museum of the City of Zagreb, and the Technical Museum.

The Croatian School Museum is headquartered in the Croatian Teacher’s House. It is the only Croatian museum which specializes in education and features pieces studied to exhibit Croatian teaching and schooling. The Zagreb City Museum on the other hand is perfect to teach kids about Zagreb’s history in a fun way. The museum showcases exhibitions of the city’s history, economy, arts, politics, and culture among others.


Zagreb theaters are bonding destination for the family. The Ribica Children’s Theater, the Dubrava Children’s Theatre, Tresnja Municipal Theatre, Zar Ptica Municipal Theater, Zagreb Puppet Theater, and Zareb Theater of the Young make up most of the theatres in the city dedicated to kids.

There are also libraries in the city which cater to kids, the Dječja knjižnica A. Cesarca and the Gradska knjiznica (Children`s Department). Zagreb’s Astronomical Observatory, Jarun Sports and Recreation Centre, Zagreb Racecource, and Botinical Garden are ideal for kids as well.


After a day exploring Zagreb attractions, it’s time to take your family and kids for great a dining experience. There are a good number of restaurants in the city that features child-friendly facilities. Bistro Karlo in Gundulićeva 16, Zinfandel’s in the Regent Esplanade Hotel, and Boban in Gajeva 9 are just a few of the dining establishments in the city that’s perfect for the whole family.

Zagreb is an ideal destination not just for those who are planning to do some soul searching or for those who are eyeing for a romantic getaway; it is also a perfect place to be for the whole family! From its range of museums that you and your kids can check out during day time to the theaters to watch for productions at night and the restaurants to spend an exceptional family meal, there is just so much to do, see, and experience with you and your kids in the capital of Croatia!