The Lively Events In Zagreb

Zagreb is one of the top places to visit on Earth. A lot of travelers have very nice things to say about this Croatian city. The change that is happening to Zagreb makes it an ideal place to stay.

Croatia’s biggest city, Zagreb hosts the colonial past and the vibrant future of the young nation of Croatia. The city’s commerce is centered around Sava River and much of the city has been revitalized with the birth of the new Croatian Republic.

Passing by the downtown café is the first of the many lively events that one can find in Zagreb. More than anything else, the locals is the city’s primary tourist attraction. The locals smile and friendly attitude to tourists make it one of the friendliest cities and nicest to visit in Eastern Europe. You can sample the daily life and culture of Zagreb through locals doing their routine in cafes and other public places. A local will be busy debating with others on matters concerning politics and life in the city in general.

Croatia’s famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović is one of Croatia’s biggest attractions. His atelier houses many of Croatia’s art treasures. You can find some of his great sculptures in his home. The site represents the history of Croatian art and how it will be shaped in the future.

Another thing about Zagreb is its inexpensive yet classy dining options. Over the centuries, Zagreb’s cuisine has been shaped by numerous influences such as the Ottomans, Romans, Austrians and the Venetians. The result is a fusion of gastronomic delight now known as Croatian cuisine. The vineyards nearby enables one to taste the best wines Zagreb could offer in an incredibly low price. Dining in Zagreb will fulfill your gastronomic wishes without breaking the bank.

The Kaptol is adorned with the religious heritage of Croatia. Despite being a Communist state until 1989; Croatia remains a bastion of Catholicism in Eastern Europe. Built on an earlier site of a Romanesque cathedral, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is known for its tall spires that dominate the skyline of the city. The church is flanked with tall walls and towers that remain until this day. On the side altar there is a triptych by Albrecht Dürer and marble altars that were made in the Baroque style. There is also the tomb of Cardinal AlojzijeStepinac that can be found inside the cathedral.

The Dolac Market has been Zagreb’s chief marketplace for over eighty years now. It is found in the main square which is accessible by locals and tourists. You can find the freshest produce in the market. Sample the many fruits and vegetables that are on sale in the market. The market allows the traveler to sample a slice of Croatian daily life with the common place cuisine with the cheaply prices meals that you can have around the edge of the market.

Staying in Zagreb is never complete without a sampling of the local beer. There are a lot of beer houses in the city and one notable would be Tolkien’s Place. The place is themed after the great writer Tolkien’s literature. It offers rightly-priced beers, ales and schnapps. One can also sample the famous chocolates of Zagreb for that sweet tooth.

Zagreb is now opening its doors to tourists and the world is taking notice. If you want to deviate from the usual fare of European cities; Zagreb offers a fresh take on European tourism that is easy on the budget but not on the great things to see and hear.