Explore Zagreb

Zagreb offers tourists with something refreshing as far as touring around the world is concern. The once-stopover city has now become a major destination; so many people have grown interest in visiting it. However, exploring Zagreb does not begin and end with booking a flight to and from the city. In fact, this is just one aspect to think about when planning to explore Zagreb.

There are various factors that can affect your fun and enjoyment in the capital of Croatia. Among them are your accommodation, your means to get in and around the city, your itinerary, and even the language.

For your accommodation in Zagreb, there are a lot of establishments in Zagreb ready to offer you their hospitality. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can choose from spending a night in the city on a hostels, an apartments or a hotels.

Thinking about how to travel to Zagreb depends on your location. If you are outside Croatia or other parts of the world, you can opt to reach the city via plane. For those who are just in the neighboring cities of Zagreb or somewhere around Eastern Europe, you can actually get in a bus or a train.

Transportation is not a problem in Zagreb as many of its attractions can be explored on foot. However, for your convenience, there are trams, buses, and taxis to get you around the city. And if you really need to, you can also rent a car.

Since Zagreb’s language is Croatian, you might also want to consider getting yourself familiar with the Croatian Language first before exploring it. A few Croatian words or paragraphs will help make an impression to the locals and make them at ease of your presence.

Zagreb promises a lot of wonderful experience so make sure to come prepared.