Learn Croatian

Learning Croatian may be a pretty tough language to master, especially for tourists who are new in the city. However, getting yourself at least acquainted with the language will give you so much ease and confidence exploring the city of Zagreb.

There are several Croatian words that sound like its English equivalent. Among these words are hotel, taxi, and restoran. These words are less stressful understand. However, although there are Croatian words similar to English, there are still much more words that aren’t but are important to get familiar of, especially for travelers. Some of these are the following:

  • Train station – glavni kolodvor
  • Bus station – autobusna stanica
  • Airport – aerodrome
  • Tram station – tramvajska stanica
  • Square – trg
  • Street – ulica

A few interesting phrases to get familiar of include:

  • Beautiful eyes  – dobra guza
  • I love you – volim te
  • I don’t like you – mrzim te

Although quite hard to comprehend, especially if it is the first time you hear the language, the Croatian language is not as complicated as other languages as they are pronounced exactly as they are written.

Here are more words and phrases you can make use of while exploring Zagreb:

  • No – ne
  • Yes – da
  • Bye and/or Hello – bok
  • Good morning – dobro jutro
  • Good evening – dobro vece
  • Thank you – hvala
  • Excuse me – sori
  • I don’t understand – A?
  • What’s your name? – kako se zoves?

Learning a new language will simply add more color to your experience in Zagreb. Enjoy!