Short Stay

Zagreb may be a relatively new travel destination but it has a wide range of offerings that would make even a short stay in the city all worthwhile. The important thing is that you prepared for your trip by doing a little research about this capital of Croatia and making a list of the things that you want to experience in the city.

For those who are spending the weekend in Zagreb, your list of activities and places-to-visit should be shorter and more compact. Avoid local attractions that are situated quite far from each other because you may just be wasting important moments on your transportation. As much as possible, wander around areas which already showcase a number of interesting sights – the Upper Town is a good option for this.

Long weekend in the city allow you to add more places to visit on your list. This is your chance to see more of Zagreb’s offerings so don’t waste any moment of it. A week in Zagreb though is even better as it will enable you to really check every corner of the city – from its upper town to lower town.

For a day trip in Zagreb, there are various options that you can choose from. Spend a whole day in a particular Zagreb spot and you will discover a lot about the kept treasures of the city.