Zagreb will not captivate tourists right away. Many people who’ve been to the city say that anyone planning to be in the city should try to give it a honeymoon phase in order to truly appreciate it. Living as an expatriate in the city is one good way to give yourself a time to see more of Zagreb.

But being an expat in this capital of Croatia should not be taken lightly. In fact, anyone thinking about living in the city should first cover all their bases before moving in. One thing to consider when planning to be an expat of Zagreb is the place to live in. Researching on the real estate in Zagreb would be a very wise thing to do. Aside from that, thinking about what it really is like to be living in Zagreb should be done carefully as well.

Moving to Zagreb will also require you to get to know the city’s culture, people, and way of life more. That said, learning the Croatian language would be a very good advantage, especially if you are intending to find a job or study in the city.

Being an expatriate in the city, you will see that there is more in Zagreb than its landmarks and sights.