The capital of Croatia, Zagreb has a total population of about 700,000 people. Many tourists would often initially find these people of Zagreb to be aloof – or even yet snob! However, staying in the city a little longer and knowing Zagreb’s history will give you a better understanding of these people.

Being long isolated from Western Europe, the people of Zagreb are a bit guarded when it comes to meeting other people. Unlike the Americans, these people may not appear to be friendly at first. But worry not, they just do not rush into building relationships, or exchanging smiles with people they just met. 

The people of Zagreb are only taking their time to check out tourists for a while – weighing in if you are worth investing in a conversation with.

It is thus advised for tourists not to be outwardly friendly with the locals (especially with the opposite sex) as they may mistake your gesture as hitting on them.

Despite this ‘image’ though, a number of Zagrebians were able to make a mark in various fields then and now. Among them is actress Mira Furlan who made name not just in film but in television and theater as well. FC Energie Cottbus football midfielder Ivica Banovic was also born in the city.

Friendly or not, the people of Zagreb just add personality to the city.