When to visit Zagreb?

There is no specific date and time as to when to visit Zagreb the best as the city offers a relatively unsurpassed season all throughout the year. With its sensible temperatures and less chance of rain, Zagreb is an ideal destination to visit. However, your purpose in going to this capital of Croatia may just be a factor that will affect your decision in plotting a date for your tour.

For one, if you are aiming to catch a particular festival of the city, the date of this event should be your basis in scheduling your tour. Among the events to look forward to on the first quarter of the year are the

Snow Queen Trophy (for ski sports enthusiasts), PBZ Zagreb Indoors (for tennis fans), International Documentary Festival (for filmmakers and enthusiasts), Zagreb Auto Show (for car lovers), and the St. Mark Festival (for those who want to get to know the city’s culture better).

Another factor to consider is your own availability. Zagreb gets more and more interesting each day, so although a weekend in the city is enough to tour you around some of its best sights, it is still better to explore it longer as there’s still more to see and discover in this magnificent place.