Zagreb’s climate is classified as oceanic with four distinctive seasons. Extreme seasons are during winter and summer. During winter the city gets very cold, while summer time sees a hot and dry time in the capital of Croatia. The average temperature in Zagreb on winter time is about 1 degree Celsius, while about 20 degree Celsius on summer.

Snowfall is common in the city from December to March, as this is the winter season. Rain and fog can be expected from October to December that comes with fall.

The city’s weather significantly affects your activities and itinerary, thus, tourists are recommended to check the city’s weather first before planning for your trip. Summer times are best for incorporating outdoor activities in your Zagreb to-do list. Spending time in the city parks and gardens are best done during this time. On winter, indoor activities are strongly recommended.

With Zagreb’s many museums, each offering rare and interesting collections, you will hardly pay attention to the cold outside. Aside from the museums, the city churches are another winter option in Zagreb. Springs and falls give you more flexibility in terms of itinerary in the city, so if you are quite unsure of the things you want to do in the city, these seasons are best for you.

Zagreb weather is friendly to tourists. Although hot on summer or cold on winter, these seasons do not go really extreme as to hampering your fun and enjoyment in the city. Enjoy!